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Douay-Rheims Bible - The Church Music Association of America (CMAA)

Notre Dame English-Latin Dictionary

Guide to Gregorian Chant Notation

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Liber Cantualis Latin Chant songs
Liber Usualis Latin Chant mass parts for the whole year for the Extraordinary Form Mass
Cantus Selecti Latin Common chants for different seasons and feast days of the year
Graduale Triplex Latin Latin chants for masses throughout the church year
By Flowing Waters [CTB] English Chant hymns, Latin and English
The Adoremus Hymnal [CTB] English English hymns with a few Latin ones
Communio Latin Latin chants with English translation
Breaking Bread
2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005
English The hymnal we use in regular masses
Sacred Music Colloquium XVII
Chant and Polyphony Repertoire
Music used at CMAA Colloquium June 2008
The Parish Book of Chant Latin+
Chant mass orders, ordinaries, hymns from the CMAA
Jubilate Deo English A small collection of Latin Chants sung at Mass; modern notation.
Translations and Annotations of Choral Repertoire - Sacred Latin Texts English Phrase-by-phrase translations of some Latin chants
The Gregorian Missal for Sundays Latin+
The primary reference for the Novus Ordo mass, both Latin and English
Eucharistic Hymns: The Catholic Hymnal English Many traditional English hymns
The St. Michael Hymnal (Choir Edition) [CTB] Latin+
An extensive hymnal including much chant, but also many other hymns

Singing Gregorian Chant:

Chant Made Simple English A simple introduction to singing and leading chant, including the refrains from 21 popular chants
A Plain and Easy Introduction to Gregorian Chant English A great learning guide to starting with Gregorian Chant, including a good explanation of modes
The Solesmes Method English A more serious introduction to serious singing of Gregorian Chant
An Overview of Gregorian Chant English Another quick introduction to reading and singing chant
A Gregorian Chant Handbook English A very nice introductory handbook
Gregorian Chant: a guide English An introduction to the use of chant in the mass
Gregorian Chant According to the Solesmes Method English An extensive text on singing Gregorian Chant
Beginning Studies in Gregorian Chant English A starting textbook on singing chant
Gregorian Chant English A fairly complete history and explanation of Gregorian Chant
Direction of Gregorian Chant English A really useful description of how to lead a chant schola
Gregorian Chant Intonations and the Role of Rhetoric English A quite detailed textbook
An Introduction to the Interpretation of Gregorian Chant English A more advanced texbook
Gregorian Semiology English All the signs and symbols used in chant notation
Sacred Music Magazine English Quarterly magazine of the Choral Music Association of America
Today's Liturgy Magazine English Quarterly OCP magazine to help planning mass music


A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin English A textbook for learning Latin from the ground up
Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Latin English Fairly complete Latin-to-English dictionary of terms we run into in a church context

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